We are excited to announce 27 accepted tutorials at #TheWebConf 2023. The conference will take place in Texas, USA on April 30 - May 4 2023. See the complete list with teaser videos at https://www2023.thewebconf.org/program/tutorials/.

Internet Advertising to Improve Public Health: Opportunities and Challenges
Elad Yom-Tov, Liat Levontin, Ingmar Weber and Manuela Fritz.

Trustworthy Recommender Systems
Wenqi Fan, Xiangyu Zhao, Lin Wang, Xiao Chen, Jingtong Gao and Qidong Liu.

Data-Informed Interaction Learning
Behrooz Omidvar-Tehrani and Sihem Amer-Yahia.

Graph Neural Networks: Foundation, Frontiers and Applications
Lingfei Wu, Peng Cui, Jian Pei, Liang Zhao and Xiaojie Guo.

Mining of Real-world Hypergraphs: Patterns, Tools, and Generators
Geon Lee, Jaemin Yoo and Kijung Shin.

Practical Bandits: An Industry Perspective
Bram van den Akker, Olivier Jeunen, Ying Li, Ben London, Zahra Nazari and Devesh Parekh.

Same Data, Different Model: Choosing an Ontology Modeling Methodology
Cogan Shimizu, Torsten Hahmann and Hande McGinty.

Graph Neural Networks for Tabular Data Learning
Cheng-Te Li, Yu-Che Tsai and Jay Chiehen Liao.

Conversational Information Seeking: Theory and Application
Jeffrey Dalton, Filip Radlinksi, Federico Rossetto, Hamed Zamani and Johanne Trippas.

Tutorial: Declarative Web Applications with XForms
Steven Pemberton.

Tutorial: Invisible Markup
Steven Pemberton.

Catch Me If You GAN: Generation, Detection, and Obfuscation of Deepfake Texts
Adaku Uchendu, Thai Le and Dongwon Lee.

Towards Next-Generation Intelligent Assistants for AR/VR Devices
Xin Luna Dong, Seungwhan Moon, Yifan Xu and Zhou Yu.

Fairness in Ranking: From Values to Technical Choices and Back
Julia Stoyanovich, Meike Zehlike and Ke Yang.

Lecture-style Tutorial: Causal AI for web and health care
Utkarshani Jaimini, Usha Lokala, Kaushik Roy and Amit Sheth.

Turning Web-Scale Texts to Knowledge: Transferring Pretrained Representations to Text Mining Applications
Yu Meng, Jiaxin Huang, Yu Zhang and Jiawei Han.

The Advantages of Adding Noise
Reyhaneh Abdolazimi and Reza Zafarani.

Advances in Simulation Technology for Web Applications
Da Xu, Shuyuan Xu, Bo Yang and Yongfeng Zhang.

Model Monitoring in Practice: Lessons Learned and Open Challenges
Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Himabindu Lakkaraju, Pradeep Natarajan and Mehrnoosh Sameki.

Continual Graph Learning
Xikun Zhang, Dongjin Song, Yushan Jiang, Zijie Pan and Dacheng Tao.

Never-Ending Learning, Lifelong Learning and Continual Learning in the Era of Large Pre-Trained Language Models
Estevam Hruschka.

Multi-Modal Recommender Systems: Towards Addressing Sparsity, Comparability, and Explainability
Trung-Hoang Le, Quoc-Tuan Truong, Aghiles Salah and Hady Lauw.

Lifelong Learning Cross-domain Recommender Systems
Liang Hu, Shoujin Wang, Qi Zhang and Usman Naseem.

Towards Out-of-Distribution Generalization on Graphs
Xin Wang, Haoyang Li and Wenwu Zhu.

Spoken Language Understanding for Conversational AI: Recent Advances and Future Direction
Soyeon Han, Siqu Long, Henry Weld and Josiah Poon.

Self-supervised Learning and Pre-training on Graphs
Yukuo Cen, Yuxiao Dong and Jie Tang.

When Sparse Meets Dense: Learning Advanced Graph Neural Networks with DGL-Sparse Package
Minjie Wang, Hongzhi Chen, Quan Gan, George Karypis and Zheng Zhang.