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  • Reduced rates at SIGWEB-affiliated conferences
  • Free access to SIGWEB-related materials in the ACM Digital Library
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  • SIGWEB is a valuable source of information - It provides you with up to date information on what is happening in the hypertext, hypermedia and Web domain.
  • SIGWEB is a forum - Get in touch with researchers, developers, researchers, practitioners, authors, and even the more specialized general public which are concerned with scientific and technical issues about hypermedia. This comprises CD-ROM designers, technical writers, webmasters, content developers, and managers of web projects and groups.
  • SIGWEB offers special rates SIGWEB members have free access online to the proceedings of the Hypertext conferences in the ACM Digital Library from 1991 to the present.
  • SIGWEB members have special rates at Hypertext and Digital Libraries conferences.

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