WebSci '17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Web Science Conference

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The Ethics of Doing Web Science Research: Panel Abstract

SESSION: Long Session I: Aggression, Controversy, Crime

Beyond Cyberbullying: Self-Disclosure, Harm and Social Support on ASKfm

The Effect of Collective Attention on Controversial Debates on Social Media

Mean Birds: Detecting Aggression and Bullying on Twitter

Stateless Puzzles for Real Time Online Fraud Preemption

The Signals and Noise: Actionable Information in Improvised Social Media Channels During a Disaster

SESSION: Long Session II: Groups & Individuals, Attention, Opinion

Predicting Trust Relations Within a Social Network: A Case Study on Emergency Response

Privacy for Children and Teenagers on Social Networks from a Usability Perspective: A Case Study on Facebook

Closed-Loop Opinion Formation

"(Weitergeleitet von Journalistin)": The Gendered Presentation of Professions on Wikipedia

Where Could We Go?: Recommendations for Groups in Location-Based Social Networks

SESSION: Long Session III: Talking, Thinking, and Living Online

Using Twitter Data to Estimate the Relationship between Short-term Mobility and Long-term Migration

ELEVATE: A Framework for Entity-level Event Diffusion Prediction into Foreign Language Communities

Predicting Rising Follower Counts on Twitter Using Profile Information

Sharing Means Renting?: An Entire-marketplace Analysis of Airbnb

Understanding Citizens' and Local Governments' Digital Communications During Natural Disasters: The Case of Snowstorms

SESSION: Long Session IV: Networks -- Structure, Identifiers, Search

Breaking Cycles In Noisy Hierarchies

ε - WGX: Adaptive Edge Probing for Enhancing Incomplete Networks

Hierarchical Change Point Detection on Dynamic Networks

Analyzing the Keystroke Dynamics of Web Identifiers

What's Happening and What Happened: Searching the Social Web

SESSION: Short Session I

ASSIST: Automatic Summarization of Significant Structural Changes in Large Temporal Graphs

Automatic Generation of Event Timelines from Social Data

Cultural Fault Lines and Political Polarization

EDSV: Emerging Defect Surveillance for Vehicles

Studying Personality through the Content of Posted and Liked Images on Twitter

A Large Labeled Corpus for Online Harassment Research

The Fake News Spreading Plague: Was it Preventable?

SESSION: Short Session II

Web Science: Mapping the Curriculum

Young People's Policy Recommendations on Algorithm Fairness

Using Facebook Ads Audiences for Global Lifestyle Disease Surveillance: Promises and Limitations

Ad-blocking: A Study on Performance, Privacy and Counter-measures

Factors in Recommending Contrarian Content on Social Media

InstaCan: Examining Deleted Content on Instagram

Web Science Challenges in Researching Bug Bounties

SESSION: Long Session V: Time, Space, Archives

Characterizing Regional and Behavioral Device Variations Across the Twitter Timeline: A Longitudinal Study

Exploring Web Archives Through Temporal Anchor Texts

Observing Web Archives: The Case for an Ethnographic Study of Web Archiving

Generating Stories From Archived Collections

Deconstructing Diffusion on Tumblr: Structural and Temporal Aspects

SESSION: Long Session VI: Reflecting, Thinking, Understanding

A Deep Study into the History of Web Design

The Ethical Challenges of Publishing Twitter Data for Research Dissemination

Broad, Interdisciplinary Science In Tela: An Exposure and Child Health Ontology

A Turn for the Scruffy: An Ethnographic Study of Semantic Web Architecture

Understanding Temporal Backing Patterns in Online Crowdfunding Communities

POSTER SESSION: Posters (Alphabetically by Lead Author's Last Name)

A Keyword-Based Method for Measuring Sentence Similarity

Paving the WAI: Defining Web-Augmented Interactions.

Understanding Para Social Breakups on Twitter

Consolidating Identities of Authors through Egonet Structure

Ongoing Events in Wikipedia: A Cross-lingual Case Study

Predicting Research that will be Cited in Policy Documents

Algorithmic Fairness in Online Information Mediating Systems

Pokémon Go: Impact on Yelp Restaurant Reviews

Developing Ontologies and Web-based Data Management System for Additive Manufacturing Processes

The Tragedy of the Identity Assurance Commons

A Typology of Socialbots (Abbrev.)

Public Perception of a Country: Exploring Tweets About Qatar

A Semantic Workflow Approach to Web Science Analytics

The Limits of Abstract Evaluation Metrics: The Case of Hate Speech Detection

The Effect of Accelerating Migration of Services to Digital Channels on the Elderly

Community Photo Tagging: Engagement and Quality Study

An Ontology for a Polymer Nanocomposite Community Data Resource

Open Governance as a Service

'Dark Germany': Temporal Characteristics and Connectivity Patterns in Online Far-Right Protests Against Refugee Housing

On Social Synchrony in Online Social Networks

Analysis of Temporal and Web Site References in History-related Tweets

When Friend Becomes Abuser: Evidence of Friend Abuse in Facebook