WebSci '15- Proceedings of the ACM Web Science Conference

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SESSION: Politics & Culture

Sustainability Implications of Open Government Data: A Cross-Regional Study

Unveiling the Political Agenda of the European Parliament Plenary: A Topical Analysis

Mining cross-cultural relations from Wikipedia: A study of 31 European food cultures

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Peacebuilding: a Conceptual Framework

SESSION: Data challenges

Avoiding Chinese Whispers: Controlling End-to-End Join Quality in Linked Open Data Stores

Big Data?: Big Issues Degradation in Longitudinal Data and Implications for Social Sciences

A Linked Data Scalability Challenge: Concept Reuse Leads to Semantic Decay

Ranking Buildings and Mining the Web for Popular Architectural Patterns

SESSION: Online Social Behaviour

An Ethnomethodologically-Informed Approach to Interface Design to Support Collective Web Practice Around Video

Self Curation, Social Partitioning, Escaping from Prejudice and Harassment: the Many Dimensions of Lying Online

Anonymity and Online Commenting: The Broken Windows Effect and the End of Drive-by Commenting

Time to Introduce Myself!: Impact of Self-disclosure Timing of Newcomers in Online Discussion Forums

Observing Social Machines Part 2: How to Observe?

What can be Found on the Web and How: A Characterization of Web Browsing Patterns

Online Footsteps to Purchase: Exploring Consumer Behaviors on Online Shopping Sites

SESSION: Innovating methods

Building a Social Machine: Co-designing a TimeBank for Inclusive Research

From Chirps to Whistles: Discovering Event-specific Informative Content from Twitter

Assembling thefacebook: Using Heterogeneity to Understand Online Social Network Assembly

Taming a Menagerie of Heavy Tails with Skew Path Analysis


Developing the 'Pro-human' Web

RoboCode-Ethicists: Privacy-friendly robots, an ethical responsibility of engineers?

Insights on Privacy and Ethics from the Web's Most Prolific Storytellers

SESSION: Digital Narratives

Storyscope: Supporting the authoring and reading of museum stories using online data sources

Archetypal Narratives in Social Machines: Approaching Sociality through Prosopography

How much is said in a microblog?: A multilingual inquiry based on Weibo and Twitter

'/Command' and Conquer: Analysing Discussion in a Citizen Science Game

Analyzing Discourse Communities with Distributional Semantic Models

How much is Wikipedia Lagging Behind News?

Considering a Wider Web?: Employing Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis in Exploration of Multiple Online Spaces

SESSION: Social Safety & Wellbeing

Habits vs Environment: What Really Causes Asthma?

Emotional States vs. Emotional Words in Social Media

Assessing the Value of Social Media for Organisations: The Case for Charitable Use


Estimating tourism statistics with Wikipedia page views

DNA: From Search to Observation Revisited

Does Dialectal Variation Matter in Term-Based Feature Selection of Sentiment Analysis?: An Investigation into Multi-dialectal Chinese Microblogs

Predicting Political Polarization from Cyberbalkanization: Time series analysis of Facebook pages and Opinion Poll during the Hong Kong Occupy Movement

Automatic Identification of Personal Life Events in Twitter

Cross-Social Network Collaborative Recommendation

Spread and Skepticism: Metrics of Propagation on Twitter

A values and psychological attribute analysis of the Scottish Independence Referendum context in Twitter

The influence of visual salience on video consumption behavior: A survival analysis approach

What do academics ask their online networks?: An analysis of questions posed via Academia.edu

Diversity Analysis of Web Search Results

Prosopography is Greek for Facebook: The SNAP:DRGN Project

The Web Practice of Mathematicians on the Web: An Insight into Significant but Neglected Web Groups

Real-time Social Media Analytics through Semantic Annotation and Linked Open Data

Webscraping as an Investigation Tool to Identify Potential Human Trafficking Operations in Romania

Supply and demand of independent UK music artists on the web

Reddit.com: A census of subreddits

Social Influencer Analysis with Factorization Machines

Twitter as a Political Network: Predicting the Following and Unfollowing Behavior of German Politicians

Quotes in forum.rpg.net

Infowar on the Web: When the Caliphate goes Online

Linguistic influence patterns within the global network of Wikipedia language editions

Tweet if you will: the real question is, who do you influence?

Digitizing »Digital Methods« The Journey of a Research Domain from a Book into the Semantic Web

Exploring Long Running News Stories using Wikipedia

Abstractions, Expressions and Online Collectives

Prediction of Malware Propagation and Links within Communities in Social Media Based Events

Towards Real-time Lifetime Prediction of Information Diffusion

Crowdsourcing ground truth for Question Answering using CrowdTruth

TweetSense: Context Recovery for Orphan Tweets by Exploiting Social Signals in Twitter

Men eat on Mars, Women on Venus?: An Empirical Study of Food-Images

'Digital Wildfires': a challenge to the governance of social media?

Wikipedia Page View Reflects Web Search Trend

Observing Social Web for Smog Disaster Forecasting

On Publication Usage in a Social Bookmarking System