WebSci '14- Proceedings of the 2014 ACM conference on Web science

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SESSION: Keynote addresses

Observing the web

Web science: how is it different?

The global war for internet governance

SESSION: Session 1: methods (full papers)

Translating surveys to surveillance on social media: methodological challenges & solutions

Rolling through tumblr: characterizing behavioral patterns of the microblogging platform

Identifying and analyzing researchers on twitter

Twitter: who gets caught? observed trends in social micro-blogging spam

SESSION: Session 2: geographies (full papers)

The impact of visual attributes on online image diffusion

The new blocs on the block: using community forums to foster new neighbourhoods

Mapping the UK webspace: fifteen years of british universities on the web

Country-level spatial dynamics of user activity: a case study in location-based social networks

SESSION: Session 3: engagements (full papers)

Evolution of online user behavior during a social upheaval

"I always feel it must be great to be a hacker!": the role of interdisciplinary work in social media research

Multilinguals and Wikipedia editing

Motivating online engagement and debates on energy consumption

SESSION: Session 4: networks (full papers)

Graph structure in the web: aggregated by pay-level domain

"Supertagger" behavior in building folksonomies

Reading the source code of social ties

Centrality rankings in multiplex networks

SESSION: Session 5: interactions (short papers)

Noticing the other gender on Google+

Latent dirichlet allocation: stability and applications to studies of user-generated content

Do ordinary bloggers really differ from blog celebrities?

Multimodal communication on tumblr: "i have so many feels!"

Friends you haven't met yet: a documentary short film

SESSION: Session 6: activities (short papers)

Challenging social media analytics: web science perspectives

How "big vs" dominate chinese microblog: a comparison of verified and unverified users on sina weibo

An activity-based information-theoretic annotation of social graphs

Detecting and forecasting domestic political crises: a graph-based approach

Pelagios and the emerging graph of ancient world data

SESSION: Session 7: content (full papers)

It's all in the content: state of the art best answer prediction based on discretisation of shallow linguistic features

Skim reading: an adaptive strategy for reading on the web

Towards tracking and analysing regional alcohol consumption patterns in the UK through the use of social media

Mining and comparing engagement dynamics across multiple social media platforms

POSTER SESSION: Pecha kucha 1: quick poster presentations

Collaboration in the cloud at Google

Named entity evolution analysis on wikipedia

Twelve years of Wikipedia research

Some challenges for the web observatory vision: field notes from a southampton-tsinghua-kaist collaboration

Insights from brands in Facebook

A web observatory for the machine processability of structured data on the web

Analysing the duration of trending topics in Twitter using wikipedia

Quantifying collective mood by emoticon networks

Towards laws of the 3d-printable design web

A cross-modal warm-up solution for the cold-start problem in collaborative filtering recommender systems

Online sentiment-based topic modeling for continuous data streams

Enthusiasm and support: alternative sentiment classification for social movements on social media

POSTER SESSION: Pecha kucha 2: quick poster presentations

For what it's worth: digital inequalities, attitudes and a typology of internet (non-)users

Race, religion or sex: what makes a superbowl ad controversial?

Crowdsourcing knowledge-intensive tasks in cultural heritage

"stop g8": an ethnographic account of web use in global justice activism

Taking the relationship to the next level: a comparison of how supporters converse with charities on facebook and twitter

Data havens, or privacy sans frontières?: a study of international personal data transfers

The norm of normlessness: structural correlates of a trolling communit

Information diffusion on twitter: the case of the 2013 iranian presidential election

From media reporting to international relations: a case study of asia-pacific economic cooperation (apec)

Quantifying cross-platform engagement through large-scale user alignment

Infowar on the web: measuring mass annoyance

Scholarometer: a system for crowdsourcing scholarly impact metrics

POSTER SESSION: Pecha kucha 3: quick poster presentations

Analyzing the climate change debate on Twitter: content and differences between genders

Are mobile users more vigilant?

Open educational resource based information understanding via pdf document interaction

Data-driven web entertainment: the data collection and analysis practices of fantasy sports players

Motivations of citizen scientists: a quantitative investigation of forum participation

Assisting coordination during crisis: a domain ontology based approach to infer resource needs from tweets

Regular behavior measure for location based services

Female semantic web researchers: does collaboration with male researchers influence their network status?