HT '16- Proceedings of the 27th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media

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SESSION: Keynotes

Data Visualization Literacy

Killing the Hyperlink, Killing the Web: The Shift from Library-Internet to Television-Internet

SESSION: Full Papers

Extracting Social Structures from Conversations in Twitter: A Case Study on Health-Related Posts

Trends in Eye Tracking Scanpaths: Segmentation Effect?

Seven Words You Can't Say on Answerbag: Contested Terms and Conflict in a Social Q&A Community

Assessing the Navigational Effects of Click Biases and Link Insertion on the Web

Guiding Users through Asynchronous Meeting Content with Hypervideo Playback Plans

Patterns of Sculptural Hypertext in Location Based Narratives

Teens Engage More with Fewer Photos: Temporal and Comparative Analysis on Behaviors in Instagram

Friendship Maintenance and Prediction in Multiple Social Networks

Where is the Goldmine?: Finding Promising Business Locations through Facebook Data Analytics

Comparing Community-based Information Adoption and Diffusion Across Different Microblogging Sites

Assessing Review Recommendation Techniques under a Ranking Perspective

Download and Cache Management for HTML5 Hypervideo Players

Summarizing Situational Tweets in Crisis Scenario

Spatio-Temporal Parsing in Spatial Hypermedia

Social Media-Based Collaborative Information Access: Analysis of Online Crisis-Related Twitter Conversations

Can Disputed Topic Suggestion Enhance User Consideration of Information Credibility in Web Search?

SESSION: Short Papers

The Role of Comments' Controversy in Large-Scale Online Discussion Forums

Cross-system Recommendation: User-modelling via Social Media versus Self-Declared Preferences

Identifying Knowledge Anchors in a Data Graph

The Effect of Synonym Substitution on Search Results

Storyspace 3

Classical Hypermedia Virtues on the Web with Webstrates

ALAT: Finally an Easy To Use Adaptation Authoring Tool

Mining Interaction Patterns in the Design of Web Applications for Improving User Experience

Issue-Focused Documentaries versus Other Films: Rating and Type Prediction based on User-Authored Reviews

Approximate Contagion Model of Common Knowledge on Facebook

The Influence of Frequency, Recency and Semantic Context on the Reuse of Tags in Social Tagging Systems

Understanding and Predicting Online Food Recipe Production Patterns

High Enough?: Explaining and Predicting Traveler Satisfaction Using Airline Reviews

Using Online Controlled Experiments to Examine Authority Effects on User Behavior in Email Campaigns

What Happens Offline Stays Offline?: Examining Sustainability of a Hybrid Social System

Development of Failure Detection System for Network Control using Collective Intelligence of Social Networking Service in Large-Scale Disasters

Analyzing the Perceptions of Change in a Distributed Collection of Web Documents

There is Something Beyond the Twitter Network

Exploring Maintenance Practices in Crowd-Mapping

Classification of Twitter Accounts into Targeting Accounts and Non-Targeting Accounts

A Fuzzy-Based Personalized Recommender System for Local Businesses

Search Tactics of Images' Textual Descriptions

Human vs. Automated Text Analysis: Estimating Positive and Negative Affect


Framework for Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Text

A New Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm to Identify Non-overlapping Like-minded Communities

A Comparative Study of Visual Cues for Adaptive Navigation Support

E3: Keyphrase based News Event Exploration Engine

Understanding Language Diversity in Local Twitter Communities

The Influence of Features and Demographics on the Perception of Twitter as a Serendipitous Environment

Improving Website Navigation with the Wisdom of Crowds