Web Standards

The World Wide Web Consortium

Visit the World Wide Web Consortium to find the official source about standards and projects about the World Wide Web (W3C). Also see the The International World Wide Web Conference Committee which contains information about the WWW conferences, their on line archives and so on.

Open eBook Forum

The official web site for e-book content standards.


Nielsen's "Useit.com" site

The Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability - A Bi-weekly column by Dr. Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group.

IJHCS Web Usability Special Issue

IJHCS, the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies is one of the most famous journal in Human Computer Interaction.

SIGCHI World Wide Web Special Interest Area

The World Wide Web Special Interest Area of SIGCHI focuses on the human factors of the WWW.

Interface Design Guidelines

A general list of sites about design guidelines, multimedia on the web, and the indispensable Yale style manual.

General Hypertext and Hypermedia

HCI Bibliography

The HCI Bibliography is a free-access bibliography on Human-Computer Interaction. It now has over 20,000 entries, most with abstracts, and over 6600 links to online information (websites and full text).

Hypertext FAQ

The hypertext FAQ, maintained by Jamie Blustein, can be found here.

Hypertext Research and Resource Testbed

A site at Brown University related to the ACM Computing Surveys, Hypertext and Hypermedia Electronic Symposium,, Vol. 31 (4es), December 1999.

Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia pages

The adaptive hypertext and hypermedia pages, maintained by Paul De Bra, can be found here.

INFORMS Computer Society Newsletter

IINFORMS Computing Society Newsletter is founded on the interfaces between operations research and computer science, stemming from seminal works in the 1950s and continuing into modern areas of computing.

Hypertext and Literature


Eastgate is a rich source of information about hypertext and literature: tools, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, books and hypertext related news. Up to date links to Hypertext events and resources. See also the Hypertext Kitchen site.

Bowerbird hypermedia research engine

The Bowerbird search engine is a search robot that indexes World Wide Web content related to hypertext theory. This content is located in a database which Bowerbird searches on the basis of requests made, and returns a 'hit list' of pages that contain these search words.

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SIGWEB is one of the Special Interest Groups of the ACM Association for Computing Machinery.