HT '15- Proceedings of the 26th ACM Conference on Hypertext & Social Media

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SESSION: Keynote 1

The Near Future is Hybrid

SESSION: Session 1

Small-Scale Incident Detection based on Microposts

Did You Expect Your Users to Say This?: Distilling Unexpected Micro-reviews for Venue Owners

Sentiment-based User Profiles in Microblogging Platforms

Breaking Bad: Understanding Behavior of Crowd Workers in Categorization Microtasks

SESSION: Session 2

Content Virality on Online Social Networks: Empirical Evidence from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ on German News Websites

A Dynamical Model of Twitter Activity Profiles

The Role of Structural Information for Designing Navigational User Interfaces

Wisdom of the Crowd or Wisdom of a Few?: An Analysis of Users' Content Generation

SESSION: Session 3

Machine Classification and Analysis of Suicide-Related Communication on Twitter

Detecting Changes in Suicide Content Manifested in Social Media Following Celebrity Suicides

A Human-annotated Dataset for Evaluating Tweet Ranking Algorithms

SESSION: Keynote 2

From Small Sensors to Big Data

SESSION: Session 4

Examining Personalization in Academic Web Search

An Interactive Method for Inferring Demographic Attributes in Twitter

Text, Topics, and Turkers: A Consensus Measure for Statistical Topics

Media Bias in German Online Newspapers

SESSION: Session 5

Characterizing Smoking and Drinking Abstinence from Social Media

Twitter-based Election Prediction in the Developing World

Language, Twitter and Academic Conferences

SESSION: Session 6

First Women, Second Sex: Gender Bias in Wikipedia

Cultures in Community Question Answering

Mining Affective Context in Short Films for Emotion-Aware Recommendation

An Investigation into the Use of Logical and Rhetorical Tactics within Eristic Argumentation on the Social Web

SESSION: Session 7

Predicting Answering Behaviour in Online Question Answering Communities

A Long-Term Study of a Crowdfunding Platform: Predicting Project Success and Fundraising Amount

Analyzing Book-Related Features to Recommend Books for Emergent Readers

Pairwise Preferences Elicitation and Exploitation for Conversational Collaborative Filtering

SESSION: Session 8

Surpassing the Limit: Keyword Clustering to Improve Twitter Sample Coverage

Other Times, Other Values: Leveraging Attribute History to Link User Profiles across Online Social Networks

Only One Out of Five Archived Web Pages Existed as Presented

Opportunistic Layered Hypernarrative

SESSION: Session 9

No Reciprocity in "Liking" Photos: Analyzing Like Activities in Instagram

Build Emotion Lexicon from Microblogs by Combining Effects of Seed Words and Emoticons in a Heterogeneous Graph

Random Voting Effects in Social-Digital Spaces: A Case Study of Reddit Post Submissions

Tag Me Maybe: Perceptions of Public Targeted Sharing on Facebook

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium Abstracts

Automated Methods for Identity Resolution across Heterogeneous Social Platforms

Language Innovation and Change in On-line Social Networks

A Framework to Provide Customized Reuse of Open Corpus Content for Adaptive Systems


VizTrails: An Information Visualization Tool for Exploring Geographic Movement Trajectories

"I like ISIS, but I want to watch Chris Nolan's new movie": Exploring ISIS Supporters on Twitter

Sentiment Analysis with Incremental Human-in-the-Loop Learning and Lexical Resource Customization

POSTER SESSION: Poster Abstracts

Everything is Filed under 'File': Conceptual Challenges in Applying Semantic Search to Network Shares for Collaborative Work

On Recommending Newly Published Academic Papers

On Recommending Job Openings

SESSION: Late-Breaking Abstracts

Collaborative Learning in the Cloud: A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Collaboration

Longitudinal Analysis of Low-Level Web Interaction through Micro Behaviours

User-Adapted Web of Things for Accessibility