SIGWEB Website Archive

This web site has existed, in various forms, for over 12 years. Between 1991 - 1998 it was the home for SIGLINK, a 'forum for the promotion, dissemination, and exchange of ideas concerning hypertext research, technologies, and applications among scientists, systems designers, and end-users'. In 1998, the ACM accepted a proposal to rename the working group SIGWEB. The name and purpose of the group has remained unaltered since that date. Throughout this time this domain has hosted pages designed for the individual interested in hypertext/hypermedia.

Although we have recently given the pages a facelift, no elderly web pages were harmed in the process. You can find the old web sites here, neatly packaged for home delivery. The archive files include old editions of the SIGWEB newsletter, materials concerning the re-naming of the special interest group, and much more.

You will need software to unpack this directory (for example, winzip). You are warned that the links on these archived pages will be extremely unreliable. In most cases you will have to browse the archive without using hyperlinks.


Download SIGWEB Website Archive Files

SIGWEB is one of the Special Interest Groups of the ACM Association for Computing Machinery.