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A LinkedIn group is created for Hypertext 2008. This group is restricted to conference attendees and designed to extend regular conference networking, card exchange, list of delagates, etc. Click here if you want to be added to the group.


The Facebook Hypertext 2008 group has been created.  To join this Facebook group, go to the URL:

This group is open and can be used for extensive communication with and between the attendees.

Resource sharing and bookmarking

Our preferred tag for all resource sharing sites is hypertext08, however, if you find it hard to type use a brief form ht08.


Flickr is a well-known photo-sharing and tagging service. Use the tag "hypertext08" or tag "ht08" for tagging photos that you upload to Flickr.

To view all photos with the tag "hypertext08" or "ht08", go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/hypertext08 or http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/ht08


Del.icio.us is the most famous collaborative bookmarking service. When you login you can
create a bookmark of a web site and tag it "ht08" and "hypertext08".

To view all sites bookmarked with ht08 or hypertext08, go to http://del.icio.us/tag/ht08 or


SlideShare is a free service for sharing presentations and slideshows over the web. Slideshare supports importing presentations from PowerPoint, OpenOffice.org Impress, and PDF files. The site implements most
common Web 2.0 design and interaction patterns. Like many other social sharing services, users are able to add tagging, rate, comment, and embed content.

Once a file is uploaded, it is visible to the public. Terms from slides can be searched via search engines. The user who uploads a presentation can choose to make the slide show available to be downloaded. Slideshare is linked with Creative Commons so various attribution licenses are supported. In addition, these presentations can be retrieved at any computer without need for USB drives or other storage devices. In other words, presentations in Slideshare can be held before a conference for the presenters use and then reviewed afterwards by guests. Like YouTube, a presentation can be viewed in the small screen or take the full screen of a monitor.

Here is the ht08 page: http://www.slideshare.net/ht08. If you would like to share your presentation either publicly or with certain individuals and would like this uploaded under the ht08 account, please contact  Jeff
.  Thanks!

Blogging and messaging


Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send "updates" (or "tweets"; text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to the Twitter web site, via the Twitter web site,
short message service (SMS), instant messaging, or a third-party application such as Twitterrific or Facebook.  After you sign up go to the Hypertext 2008 Twitter page and click on the "follow" button to add the ht08 id to your following list.

You can share Twitter postings with others that may be following you through posts to the ht08 Twitter account.

If this is the first time you have ever heard of Twitter here is an amusing and helpful tutorial: Twitter in plain English.


Twemes (it stands for Twitter plus memes) is a site that aims to solve that problem by grouping Twitter tweets according to topic.

Twemes searches Twitter for hashtags, key words marked with the # sign that let you know what each tweet is all about. For example, when you tell everyone on Twitter about how much you enjoyed this
post, you can mention #hypertext08 or #ht08 and Twemes will find your tweet, categorize it, and add it to an RSS feed of related tweets. You can find topics on Twemes either by searching or by clicking on words in the tag cloud, which works as an interesting visual display of what Twitter is talking about.

Many conferences like SXSW, WWDC and TechEd use this to update followers, both attending and non-attending.  Here are two articles related to twemes that you may find useful and helpful:

Hypertext Blog

We remind that Hypertext 2008 has its own blog, which we hope to maintain during the conference

Viewing posts and comments on the Hypertext 2008 blog go to http://hypertext2008.blogspot.com/

Making comments on the blog:

  1. If you wish to comment on the blog, click on the "Comments" link for any of the posts (there will be a number before the "Comments" link).  There, you can post a comment using plain text or HTML. 
  2. You can choose an identity to identify yourself in your comment, or specify your name/URL or be anonymous.
  3. When you have finished entering your comment, click "Publish Your Comment". You will have to verify the word that is shown on the screen by typing it in. 
  4. Your comment will be reviewed before publishing to the blog. This is to prevent unnecessary spam comments on the blog.

To subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed for Hypertext 2008 blog in your favorite RSS reader, click here.

If you have your own blog use the following HTML tag to tag your blog post to Technorati:
<a href="<http://technorati.com/tag/ht08>http://technorati.com/tag/ht08" rel="tag">ht08</a>

Use the tag "ht08" or "hypertext08" to tag your blog posts about Hypertext 2008 anywhere else.

Collaborative recommendation

To follow a range of cultural events in Pittsburgh during JCDL 2008 and Hypertext 2008, use collaborative recommender PITTCULT.

If your time is limited, you can directly browse events available at each conference day:

However, this system can do more than just provide a list of events on a specific day. PITTCULT allows you to share the information with your friends. You can invite or recommend interesting events to your friends. It also could be your personal blog for your cultural events. Explore Pittsburgh events with friends! Register, add your friends, and communicate to organize joint visit to some of the multiple Pittsburgh events during the conference week.