Hypertext Conference 2008

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Paper Sessions

The sessions consisted of both long and short papers. 

Douglas Engelbart Best Paper Award went to:

Xiaolin Shi, Matthew Bonner, Lada Adamic and Anna Gilbert. The Very Small World of the Well-Connected 

Ted Nelson Newcomer Award went to:

Klaas Dellschaft and Steffen Staab. An Epistemic Dynamic Model for Tagging Systems 

Session 1: Information Linking I: New models and techniques for interacting with information.

Chair: Frank Shipman (Texas A&M Texas A&M University, USA)

What Can History Tell Us? Towards Different Models of Interaction with Document Histories (Long Paper)
Adam Jatowt, Yukiko Kawai, Hiroaki Ohshima and Katsumi Tanaka

User-defined Structural Searches in MediaWiki (Short Paper)
Johannes Albertsen and Niels Olof Bouvin

Kalpana -- Enabling Client-side Web Personalization (Short Paper)
Anupriya Ankolekar and Denny Vrandecic

ASAP: A Planning Tool for Agile Software Development (Short Paper)
Rasmus Petersen and Uffe Wiil

Session 2: Social Linking I: Link Inference

Chair: Ethan Munson (University of Wisconsin)

Dynamic Prediction of Communication Flow Using Social Context (Short Paper)
Munmun De Choudhury, Hari Sundaram, Ajita John and Doree Seligmann

Correlating User Profiles From Multiple Folksonomies (Long Paper)
Martin Szomszor, Ivan Cantador and Harith Alani

Measuring Social Networks with Digital Photograph Collections (Short Paper)
Scott Golder

Can Blog Communication Dynamics be correlated with Stock Market Activity? (Short Paper)
Munmun De Choudhury
, Hari Sundaram, Ajita John and Doree Seligmann

Session 3: Social Linking II: Analysis and Modeling

Chair: Andreas Hotho (Universität Kassel, Germany)

The Very Small World of the Well-Connected (Long Paper)
Xiaolin Shi, Matthew Bonner, Lada Adamic and Anna Gilbert

An Epistemic Dynamic Model for Tagging Systems (Long Paper)
Klaas Dellschaft and Steffen Staab

Understanding the Efficiency of Social Tagging Systems using Information Theory (Long Paper)
Ed H. Chi and Todd Mytkowicz

Session 4: Hypertext, Culture, and Communication

Chair: Mark Bernstein (Eastgate Systems, USA)

Information Flows and Social Capital in Weblogs: A Case Study in the Brazilian Blogosphere (Long Paper)
Raquel Recuero

Making Revisions Hyper-Visible (Short Paper)
David Kolb

We're All Stars Now: Reality Television, Web 2.0, and Mediated Identities (Short Paper)
Michael A. Stefanone and Derek Lackaff

The Revenge of the Page (Long Paper)
David Kolb

Session 5: Information Linking II: Automating the "trailblazer" (a new profession envisioned by Vannevar Bush)

Chair: David Millard (University of Southampton, UK)

Generating Links by Mining Quotations (Long Paper)
Okan Kolak and Bill N. Schilit

Document Similarity Based on Concept Tree Distance (Short Paper)
Praveen Lakkaraju, Susan Gauch and Mirco Speretta

Session 6: Social Linking III: Similarity and Retrieval

Chair: Ciro Cattuto (ISI foundation, Italy)

Extracting and Ranking Viral Communities through Semantic Similarity (Long Paper)
Hyun Chul Lee, Allan Borodin and Leslie Goldsmith

Efficient Assembly of Social Semantic Networks (Long Paper)
Ben Markines, Heather Roinestad and Filippo Menczer

Logsonomy - Social Information Retrieval with Logdata (Long paper)
Robert Jaeschke, Beate Krause, Andreas Hotho and Gerd Stumme

Session 7: Applications of Hypertext

Chair: Ken Anderson (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)

Enhancing Access to Open Corpus Educational Content: Learning in the Wild (Long Paper)
Seamus Lawless, Lucy Hederman and Vincent Wade

Social Web Applications in the City: A Lightweight Infrastructure for Urban Computing (Short Paper)
Frank Allan Hansen and Kaj Grønbæk

A State of the Art Survey of Soft Skill Simulation Authoring Tools (Short Paper)
Conor Gaffney, Declan Dagger and Vincent Wade

Investigating Success Factors for Hypermedia Development Tools (Short Paper)
Franca Garzotto, Davide Bolchini and Paolo Paolini

Session 8: Social Linking IV: Applications

Chair: Scott Golder (HP Labs, USA)

Seeing Things in the Clouds: The Effect of Visual Features on Tag Cloud Selections (Long Paper)
Scott Bateman, Carl Gutwin and Miguel Nacenta

Where did the Researchers Go? Supporting Social Navigation at a Large Academic Conference (Long Paper)
Rosta Farzan and Peter Brusilovsky

Network Visualization for Exploratory Search (Short Paper)
Justin Donaldson, Michael Conover, Ben Markines, Heather Roinestad and Filippo Menczer

Session 9: Student Research Competition

Chair: Stephen Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh

This session featured the best of the work presented in the ACM Student Research Competition sponsored by Microsoft Research. The winners were eligible to compete in the SRC Grand Finals.