Hypertext Conference 2008

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Accepted Posters and Demostrations

The following Posters were presentated at Hypertext 2008. 

  1. ASquare: A Powerful Evaluation Tool for Adaptive Hypermedia Course System
    Javier Bravo Agapito, Alvaro Ortigosa and Cesar Vialardi

  2. Tag Interoperability in Cultural Web-based Applications
    Federica Cena
    , Francesca Carmagnola, Omar Cortassa, Cristina Gena, Yiwen Wang, Natalia Stash and Lora Aroyo

  3. EFL and Hypertext: Using WebQuests to Maximize English Teaching
    Madson Diniz

  4. An Empirical Study of the Learning Effect of an Ontology-Driven Information System
    Misook Heo and Myongho Yi

  5. Diversity of Online Community Activities
    Tad Hogg and Gabor Szabo

  6. Educational Social Linking in Example Authoring
    I-Han Hsiao, Qi Li and Yi-Ling Lin

  7. Social Selected Learning Content Out of Web Lectures
    Markus Ketterl
    , Johannes Emden and Joerg Brunstein

  8. Spatial Annotation and Social Navigation Support for Electronic Books
    Jae Kyung Kim, Rosta Farzan and Peter Brusilovsky

  9. X-Hinter: a Framework for Implementing Social Oriented Recommender Systems
    Andre Panisson
    , Giancarlo Ruffo and Rossano Schifanella

  10. iClone: Towards Online Social Navigation
    Athanasios Papagelis, Manos Papagelis and Christos Zaroliagis

  11. Improving the Usability of Web 2.0 Applications
    Chris Pilgrim

  12. Are We Talking About the Same Structure? A Unified Approach to Hypertext Links, XML, RDF and Zigzag
    Amir Pourabdollah
    , Tim Brailsford and Helen Ashman

  13. Hypermedia Design Patterns
    Jessica Rubart

  14. Hyperlinks Visualization using Social Bookmarking
    Marek Tomsa and Maria Bielikova

  15. A New Approach for Adding Browser Functionality
    Ronen Vaisenberg, Arjun Satish, Keith Mogensen, Ramesh Jain and Sharad Mehrotra

  16. Mapping Visualization On-Demand onto a Virtual Globe: an Appealing Complement to Browser-Based Navigation (also in SRC competition)
    Romain Vuillemot

  17. PowerMeeting: GWT-Based Synchronous Groupware
    Weigang Wang

  18. Writing On The Blog: An Assemblage Analysis
    Senom Yalcin

  19. Providing Social Navigation within Annotated Examples (also in SRC competition)
    Michael Yudelson