Spatial Hypertext has been an important hypertext research topic since its inception with the first well-known spatial hypertext system, VIKI, which appeared in 1994. Since that time a number of other spatial hypertext systems have appeared: Web Squirrel, CAOS, and VKB, and ART, among others, and the spatial hypertext research is widely cited. Three workshops on spatial hypertext have been held at the past three ACM Hypertext conferences; the variety of papers attracted by these workshops has clearly established spatial hypertext as an ongoing area of research interest. This year the hypertext conference has recognized the importance of spatial hypertext by making it a conference theme; the workshop on spatial hypertext will additionally allow researchers to present work in progress that may not be at the stage of presentation for a full conference paper. Spatial hypertext remains a field with many open questions and a diverse and highly multi-disciplinary group of researchers.

Expected topics include:

  • Spatial hypertext systems in progress
  • User experience with spatial hypertext
  • Spatial hypertext implementation issues
  • Integrating spatial hypertext with other hypertext frameworks and other software environments generally
  • Rhetoric issues posed by spatial hypertext

Goals for the workshop include:

  • Surveying the state and variety of research areas in spatial hypertext
  • Providing guidance to spatial hypertext system implementers from user experience
  • Surveying spatial hypertext for open questions and future research directions
  • Providing a framework for broadening the reach of spatial hypertext by integrating it with the software environment generally

Who is this for?
Spatial hypertext system implementers, hypertext framework integrators, users of spatial hypertexts, writers and researchers on hypertext rhetoric working in spatial hypertext, hypertext researchers generally interested in alternative models of structure, researchers in structural computing.

How to participate:
Submit a position statement by June 15 to Jim Rosenberg ( or Frank Shipman ( Position statements can reflect new research in the area of spatial hypertext or be statements of your interests in and questions about spatial hypertext.