2nd International Workshop on Scholarly Hypertext

This workshop will explore issues in the application of hypertext - with its affordances for connection, non-linearity, multiple narratives and flexible navigation - to the intellectual work involved in scholarly research. Other forms of intellectual work overlap strongly with 'academic scholarship' and are legitimate domains to draw on. Likewise, there is active research in related fields such as information retrieval, digital libraries and domain visualization - work in these areas is relevant if there is a strong hypertext element.

Expected themes include:

Hypertextual reading and writing:

hypertext tools to augment scholarly writing, argumentation and other modes and media of scholarly discourse

fostering hypertext literacy amongst scholars: what's involved in reading and writing fluently?

Hypertextual knowledge discovery:

hypertext tools for modelling/navigating/visualizing/analysing the structure of a research literature

hypertextual-augmentation of digital artifacts and libraries

Setting hypertext in context:

historical/cultural perspectives on the evolution of tools for intellectual work

conceptual/theoretical frameworks for thinking about the implications of global hypermedia and scholarly knowledge

Proceedings will be disseminated initially through an online archive, with revised proceedings in a subsequent publication to be considered.

Workshop Format

This will be a full-day workshop comprising brief presentations, demos, and discussion to identify cross-connections and emerging themes.


Papers, hypertexts and demonstrations will all be considered. Accepted contributions will go on a private website for circulation and discussion in advance. It is expected that they will connect to one of the themes above to give the workshop focus, but other themes will certainly be considered. The programme will aim to balance presentations with discussions. A decision on participant numbers will be taken when we know what the level of interest is.

  • Papers should be minimum of 4 pages, maximum 8 pages, single column 12 point text. Please submit as PDF.
  • Hypertexts can be web or self-contained executables, but like papers should be distributable in advance (by CD if you prefer). Unless it's intended as a demo (see below), it will be judged comparably to papers. At least a 1 paragraph abstract is required to go on the website.
  • Demonstrations will be programmed into the day as well. Please write a 1-2 page summary of the demo that can go on the website.

Deadline: submissions should be sent to Leslie Carr <lac@ecs.soton.ac.uk> and received by 30th June.