Workshop Cancelled

The Hypertext 2004 conference regrets to announce that the Hypertext Versioning workshop has been cancelled, due to lack of response. There will be two paper sessions related to hypertext versioning in the main conference session, "Hypertext through Time" on Thursday, and "Hypertext Versioning" on Friday.

Versioning in Hypertext Systems

Workshop theme and goals

Versioning is a key problem in many hypertext applications. Research and papers on hypertext versioning have accompanied the history of the discipline since its early inception, being an integral part of Ted Nelson's vision for Xanadu, and one of the famous "seven issues for the next generation of hypermedia systems" discussed by Franz Halasz in his 1987 keynote speech. Despite not being part of the original vision for the World Wide Web, subsequent work has often wrestled with the issue of versioning on the World Wide Web, up to and including WebDAV and its companion standard DeltaV.

Versioning is the ability to manage dependencies between subsequent instances of the same entity (e.g., node, link, graph, etc.), organise them into meaningful structures (e.g., sequences, trees or DAGs) and allow such operations as navigation or computation on them.Version management also plays an indispensable role in hypertext design applications such as software engineering, authoring, technical documentation and electronic publishing.

This workshop will bring together researchers interested in discussing issues connected to versioning and hypertext systems.

We invite anyone interested in versioning for hypertext to participate in this one day workshop. To participate, submit a 5-8 page position paper addressing requirements and/or solutions to aspects of version support in hypertext systems.

Send a PDF or valid XHTML version of your contribution by e-mail to by June 11th, 2004.

Workshop topics

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Models of versioned hypertext
  • Versioning infrastructure
  • Hypertext semantics in the presence of versioning
  • Xanalogical structures and versioning
  • End-user interfaces for versioned hypertext
  • Authoring interfaces for versioned hypertext
  • Applications of versioned hypertext
  • Relationships between versioned hypertext and other domains using versioning

Important dates

  • Submission Due: June 11, 2004
  • Notification of acceptance: July 11, 2004
  • Workshop: August 10, 2004

Organizing Committee

Fabio Vitali
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Bologna

Ethan Munson
Dept. of EECS
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Tien Nhut Nguyen
Dept. of EECS
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee