Workshop Cancelled

The Hypertext 2004 conference regrets to announce that the Hyperstructure workshop has been cancelled due to lack of attendance. We encourage people interested in this topic to attend the Hyperstructure conference session on Thursday, August 12.

Intended audience

Those who are developing or using unusual hyperstructural systems (ZigZag, mSpace, perhaps RDF?) as well as those who have a current interest in the ZigZag®, or similar, hypertext paradigms.


The first hyperstructure workshop (The ZigZag workshop, Hypertext 2001, Aarhus, 2001) focused on zzStructure; a novel hypertext system that embodies ideas about information representation, processing and access. It was aimed at helping to integrate several streams of hypertext work, and allow researchers both in- and outside the ACM community to meet, review each others work, set standards and progress collaborations and new ideas.

The second workshop (HT03 Workshop) focused on the progress made in the intervening period since the first workshop, with a focus on new visualisation strategies, actual use of hyperstructural applications and novel tools and implementations.

This third workshop is to be a meeting place for the growing community of hyperstructure developers and users, in order to set an agenda for the future dissemination of the community's work, focussing therefore on interchange and standards, as well as uodating the community on works in progress.

The workshop will consist of a set of submitted and invited presentations and group discussions.

Tutorial information on ZigZag can be found at New users of ZigZag may also wish to consult Tuamas Lukka's (unfortunately incomplete) Gentle Introduction to ZIgZag.

Expected outcomes

The main aims of the workshop are to

  • to bring together the hyperstructural development and user community
  • to focus on hypertext research and development agendas.
  • to provide an environment to form future collaborations.
  • to introduce more people to the ideas of the Zigzag system and similar hyperstructures.


Papers, hypertexts, demonstrations and datasets (for example, zzStructures) will all be considered. Accepted contributions will go on a private website for circulation and discussion in advance. It is expected that they will connect to one of the themes above to give the workshop focus, but other themes will certainly be considered. The programme will aim to balance presentations with discussions. A decision on participant numbers will be taken when we know what the level of interest is.

Papers should be minimum of 4 pages, maximum 8 pages, single column 12 point text. Please submit as PDF.

Submitted hypertexts can be web or self-contained executables, or zzStructures (please specify the version of ZigZag they were created with) but like papers should be distributable in advance (by CD if you prefer). Unless it's intended as a demo (see below), it will be judged comparably to papers. At least a one-paragraph abstract is required to go on the website.

Demonstrations will be programmed into the day as well. Please write a 1-2 page summary of the demo that can go on the website.


Workshop submissions will be reviewed by a small panel and those accepted will be published on the web. The best paper will be considered for publication in teh main ACM proceedings. A publication venue will be sought for all successful submissions

Deadline: submissions should be sent to Adam Moore ( with the subject heading "Hyperstructure workshop" (without the quotes) and received by 30th June 2004.