Conference Schedule, Friday, August 13

Paper Session (9AM)

Synthetic Hypertext and Hyperfiction

Session Chair: David Stotts

Towards a Rhetoric of Hypertext: A Case Study in Adaptive Hyperfiction
Licia Calvi

Dynamically Growing Hypertext Collections
Pratik Dave, Paul Bogen, Unmil Karadkar, Luis Francisco-Revilla, Richard Furuta, Frank Shipman

A Genetic Algorithm Approach To Interactive Narrative Generation
Teong Joo Ong, John J. Leggett

Augmenting SCORM Manifests with Adaptive Links
Nor Aniza Abdullah, Christopher Bailey, Hugh Davis

Hypertext Versioning

Session Chair: David Hicks

The Molhado Hypertext Versioning System
Tien N. Nguyen, Ethan V. Munson, John T. Boyland

Hypertext Versioning for Embedded Link Models
Kai Pan, E. James Whitehead, Jr., Guozheng Ge

Generation of Hypertext System Repositories, A Model Driven Approach
E. James Whitehead, Jr., Guozheng Ge, Kai Pan

Paper Session (11AM)

Spatial Hypertext

Session Chair: Cathy Marshall

Towards Cinematic Hypertext
Clara Mancini, Simon Buckingham Shum

Integrating Information Seeking and Structuring: Exploring the Role of Spatial Hypertexts in a Digital Library
George Buchanan, Ann Blandford, Matt Jones, Harold Thimbleby

WARP: A Web-based Dynamic Spatial Hypertext
Luis Francisco-Revilla, Frank M. Shipman, III

Managing Conflict in Multi-model Adaptive Spatial Hypertext
Luis Francisco-Revilla, Frank M. Shipman, III

Structural Computing

Session Chair: Simon Harper

Rethinking Structural Computing Infrastructures
Peter J. Nürnberg, Uffe K. Wiil, David L. Hicks

Towards a Structural Diversity Space
David L. Hicks, Uffe Kock Wiil, Peter J. Nürnberg

Unifying Structure, Behavior, and Data with Themis Types and Templates
William Van Lepthien, Kenneth M. Anderson

Paper and Panel Session (2PM)

Panel: Evaluation and Impact

Chair: Mark Bernstein

Panelists: Hugh C. Davis, Peter J. Nürnberg, m. c. schraefel, Frank M. Shipman III


Session Chair: Ken Anderson

When Open Hypermedia Meets Peer-to-Peer Computing
Jing Zhou, Wendy Hall, David De Roure

HyperPeer: Searching for Resemblance in a P2P Network
René Dalsgaard Larsen, Niels Olof Bouvin

Closing Keynote & Handoff to Hypertext 2005 (3:30PM)

Keynote: We the Media: Technology Empowers a New Grassroots Journalism, Dan Gillmor