Adaptive Hypermedia and its Implementation on the World Wide Web

Half-day Tutorial

Adaptive hypermedia (AH) is a new direction of research on the crossroads of hypermedia and adaptive systems. Adaptive hypermedia systems build a model of the individual user and apply it for adaptation to that user, for example, to adapt the content of a hypermedia page to the user's knowledge and goals, or to suggest the most relevant links to follow.

AH is especially useful in situations where a hypermedia application is used by individuals with different goals and knowledge and where the hyperspace is reasonably large. Currently, AH is a leading technology for developing adaptive Web-based systems such as Web-based courses and shopping malls. The goal of the tutorial is to present a comprehensive introduction into adaptive hypermedia for a Web-oriented audience. It will cover the following issues: a brief review of adaptive hypermedia ideas and existing Web-based systems, a detailed description of several efficient but easy-to-implement adaptation techniques, and a brief review of several experimental studies of Web-based adaptive hypermedia.

The tutorial will be useful for researchers in the area of hypertext advanced Web-based systems as well as for practitioners who can benefit from making their Web-based systems adaptive. No special knowledge is required for successful completion of the tutorial

About the Presenter

Peter Brusilovsky is an Assistant Professor of Information Science and Intelligent Systems at the University of Pittsburgh. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science, from the Moscow State University, in 1987. He hold visiting/adjunct appointments at the Moscow State University (Russia), Sussex University (UK), Tokyo Denki University (Japan), University of Trier (Germany), and Carnegie Mellon University (USA). Before joining University of Pittsburgh Peter was a Director of Computer-Managed Instruction at Carnegie Technology Education working on personalized Web-based educational technology.

Peter's main research interests are Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Student and User Modeling, Adaptive Interfaces, and Adaptive Hypermedia Systems. He is an author of about 100 papers and member of several journal editorial boards. He is also an editor of several hypermedia-related books and two special journal issues on adaptive hypermedia. The current adaptive hypermedia tutorial is an update of a popular tutorial presented at ED-MEDIA'2000, ED-MEDIA'2001, ED-MEDIA'2002, and WWW'03 conferences.