Short Paper Submissions

The Hypertext 2004 conference actively solicits short paper submissions. Short papers address any of the themes or research issues identified in the regular Call for Participation but are limited to two pages in length. This format is ideal for reporting compact research results, or describing ongoing work-in-progress. Short papers have a two page limit, and follow the same formatting guidelines as full paper submissions (which specifies the use of space-efficient 9pt text). Since hypertext submissions are unlimited in length, we are not accepting short format hypertexts.

Short papers are submitted in the same way as full papers, and are peer reviewed by the same program committee that reviews full paper and hypertext submissions. Authors of accepted short papers are given an opportunity to present their work at the conference, and hence by submitting a short paper you are committing one of the authors to attend the conference and present it.


Please submit short papers using the standard paper submission process.

May 28, 2004