Rolling Review Process

This year we are experimenting with a "rolling review" process. Those papers and hypertexts submitted by the Early Submission deadline of February 4 will be reviewed and feedback given by March 5 at the latest. Some final decisions can be made at this stage, with definite acceptances and unsuitable papers notified as such without further submission necessary, while other papers may be revised in line with reviewer comments and submitted for the final deadline of March 12.

Please note that a second submission cannot guarantee an acceptance, as the Hypertext conference invariably receives more good submissions than can be accepted. However, we feel that this rolling submission process will give authors a valuable extra opportunity to refine their papers. This is a variation on the "shepherding" process we have operated in previous years and is similar to the practice in reputable journals, where promising papers are given a second chance to submit the paper after revision.

What if I missed the Early Submission Deadline?

If you missed the early submission deadline, you still have until March 12, 2004 to make a full paper submission, and until May 28, 2004 to make a short paper submission.