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Technical and Administrative volunteers

All major conferences rely on a small army of technical and administrative volunteers to help things run smoothly, and Hypertext'03 is no exception. Individuals are invited to join the team that works behind the scenes to make sure equipment functions as expected, assist delegates with their itineraries, process registrations, and answer queries as and when they arise.

When selecting volunteers, the Hypertext conferences usually give preference to full-time students. We will need a letter from your supervisor confirming your status as a full-time student.

Your responsibilities

As a volunteer, you will be assigned specific duties for various sessions between the first day of the conference on the 26th August, and the final day on August 30th. In return for this commitment you will receive

  • Free registration

  • A conference pack including proceedings

  • Unlimited access to all conference sessions between August 27th and 29th (provided you are not 'on-call')

  • Free access to the Civic reception.


All volunteers must pay for their own travel costs both to and from the conference venue, as well as their own accommodation. Furthermore, we regret that due to the per-person cost of the Conference Dinner, volunteers wishing to attend this event will be required to purchase a ticket from the registration desk upon arrival.


If you are interested in joining the HT'03 team then please apply by email giving your name, university/affiliation, and a concise statement of your applicable abilities. Please tell us if you have particular experience with technical assistance (A/V equipment, connectivity, UNIX/MS support), or if you wish to assist with administrative tasks (such as registration, delegate enquiries, session monitoring). Please email Duncan Martin and Mark Truran, the volunteers chairs, making your 'Subject' line "HT03 Volunteer" (without the quotes).

All enquiries to ht03@ht03.org