Hypertext Readings

Caitlin Fisher
These Waves of Girls – hyperfiction novella
These Waves of Girls is a hypermedia novella exploring memory, girlhoods, cruelty, childhood play and sexuality. The piece is composed as a series of small stories, artefacts, interconnections and meditations from the point of view of a four year old, a ten-year old, and a twenty year old.
David Kolb
Touring – semi-fictional narrative
Richard Holeton
Figurski at Findhorn on Acid – fiction
"Holeton's hypertext belongs in the tradition of screwball comedy, but it raises that tradition to the level of metaphysics – a cross between Borges and the Marx Brothers." (Michael Tratner, professor and chair of the English Department at Bryn Mawr)
Adrian Miles
vog: video blog – creative non-fiction
The vogs are a series of low bandwidth interactive videos that combine the style of blogging with the assumptions of hypertext. These raise interesting possibilities, and questions, for hypertext, new media, architectures, and narrative.
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