Exhibits are intended to demonstrate one or more commercial products of interest to the conference community. They differ from demonstrations in that they need not make an original research contribution.

Exhibitors will receive a draped table and a small amount of floor space (exact sizes are still to be determined). Exhibits may run the entire duration of the main conference program (8am-7pm August 14-15; 8am-12pm Fri, August 16). Exhibits will be placed alongside research demonstrations and posters. The conference reception will be held in the exhibit/demonstration/poster room(s).

The cost for one exhibit space is $500 for the entire conference. Exhibit space may not be rented for less than the duration of the entire conference. No security for the exhibits is provided, although a small number of conference staff will be available at all times. A reasonable amount of power outlets will be provided. Internet connectivity is planned, but cannot yet be guaranteed. The names of all exhibitors, their contact information, and a small amount of product information will be made available in an exhibits guide, which will be given to every conference participant.

Exhibit proposals will be reviewed for relevance to the conference. To submit an exhibit proposal, please send an e-mail to comm@ht01.org.

In your mail, please provide the following information:

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