Demos & Posters


Jeff Conklin, Albert Selvin, Simon Buckingham Shum and Maarten Sierhuis
Compendium: A Hypertext Approach for Participatory, Real Time, Hybrid Knowledge Capture & Publishing
Niels Olof Bouvin, Polle T. Zellweger, Henning Jehøj and Jock Mackinlay
Fluid Annotations on the Web with Open Hypermedia
Signe Herbers Poulsen, Mads Fjord-Larsen, Frank Allan Hansen and Bent Guldbjerg Christensen
Visualizing Guided Tours with W3D
Peter Ørbæk, Michael Christensen, Preben Mogensen and Kaj Grønbæk
Open 3D Spatial Hypermedia as Roomware Components for Interactive Workspaces
Weigang Wang, Jessica Rubart and Jörg M. Haake
XCHIPS: The Cooperative Hypermedia Approach to Engineering and Operation of Virtual Enterprises
Gunhild Varvin and Synne Skjulstad
Hyperactive – a Hypervideo about 41 Norwegians
Licia Calvi
Kipling' s Heritage
Kenneth M. Anderson and Susanne A. Sherba
InfiniTe: Hypermedia-Supported Information Integration
Petrus Pennanen and Toni Alatalo
Leiki – a Platform for Personalized Content Targeting
Luke Emmet
The Adelard Safety Case Editor
Rosemary Michelle Simpson
ConceptLab: An Information Structures Spatial Hypermedia Environment
Don Cruickshank, David De Roure, Gareth Hughes, Kevin Page, David Millard, Luc Moreau and Mark Weal
Using Continuous Metadata to aid Navigation of Ontological and Temporal Information Spaces
Kumiyo Nakakoji, Yasuhiro Yamamoto and Atsushi Aoki
Jun-ART: A Component Library for Building Interactive Spatial Hypermedia Systems


Bruce R. Barkstrom and Charlene H. Welch
Observations of a Science Team Becoming Hypertext-Aware
Luciana Mielniczuk and Marcos Palacios
Link and Paratext in Hypertextual Narrative
Kasper B. Graversen
Elastic JavaDoc
Karl M. G.oschka and Robert Smeikal
Appliance Independent User Interaction
Jim Whitehead
A Common Hypertext Versioning Scenario
Edison Thomaz Jr.
Tempo: A Context-Sensitive Search Engine
Chennupati K. Ramaiah and Asmah Eusope
Literature Growth Patterns in the Field of Hypertext
Yoon-Jung Rhee, Eun-Sil Hyun, Tae-Woo Kim and Tai-Yun Kim
Different Level Service for Hypermedia data on the Web
Yoon-Jung Rhee, Jeong-Beom Kim, Chang-Won Choi and Tai-Yun Kim
A Fairness Service Mechanism for Busy Web Server
Cristina Gena, Amedeo Perna, Federica Cena and Roberta Morisano
A Personalized Hypermedia Application for Web-based Tools
Kenneth M. Anderson and Susanne A. Sherba
InfiniTe: Hypermedia-Supported Information Integration
L. Ardissono, A. Goy, G. Petrone, M. Segnan and P. Torasso
Dynamic Generation of Personalized Touristic Information on the Web
Toni Alatalo and Mikko T. Siponen
Towards the OWLA Methodology for Development of Open, Web/Wireless and Adaptive Hypermedia Information Systems
Klaus Marius Hansen, Blair MacIntyre, Elizabeth D. Mynatt, Joe Tullio and Steve Voida
Hypermedia in the Kimura System Using Spatial, Temporal, & Navigational Relationships to Support Multitasking and Background Awareness
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