Workshop 2: Information doors - where information search and hypertext link

Organizer: Einat Amitay

Time: Tuesday, May 30 (full day)


This workshop considers search results as a form of hypertext, encouraging discussion about the nature of this dynamically created textual point-of-departure. The purpose of the Information Doors workshop is to tackle the problem of creating new hypertexts on-the-fly for representing other hypertext documents in the context of search results. The discussion explores textual aspects of results presentation, results refinement, evaluation of interaction, speed and efficiency of implementation, and commercial applications.
URL: Information Doors.



Organizer information

Einat Amitay is a member of the Intelligent Interactive Technology (IIT) Team at CSIRO Mathematical and Information Science (CMIS), and also a member of the Language Technology Group (LTG) at the Computer Science Department of Macquarie University. Her research focuses on information retrieval and extraction from hypertext, and defining language use conventions in hypertext documents. She holds a BA in English and French (Haifa, Israel), an MSc in Cognitive Science and Natural Language (Edinburgh, Scotland), and is currently in her last year of a PhD adventure in Computer Science at Macquarie University.

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