Hypertext 2000, Demo & Poster Submissions

Demo and Poster proposals should be submitted as 2-page descriptions using the conference paper format. These should be supplied as Postscript, PDF or Word Files, and transmitted by FTP to and placed in the /pub/ht00 directory. This directory allows files to be written, but not listed. Submissions should be have filenames consisting of the contact author's family name, an underscore and their first name, followed by an optional number (in case of problems with FTP or the need to transmit corrected versions of a file). For instance I could submit files as,, etc.


Once the file is correctly uploaded to the FTP server, send email to <> with the following Information:

  • Author's name(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Title of the Poster or Demo
  • Mailing address
  • Name and email address of the primary contact for the submission.

Demo presenters should also describe any network, power, or projection needs in their email. We cannot supply computers for demos.

Hardcopy submissions are discouraged, but can be mailed to:

David G. Durand
Dynamic Diagrams
12 Bassett St.
Providence, RI 02903

What is a good poster?

Posters are a great way to communicate more informally with the hypertext community. Unlike papers, which must represent finished work that is a substantial contribution to the field, a Poster is a great way to test new ideas, generate interest in a research area, or describe useful or interesting work that is not substantial enough for a paper presentation. Posters are interactive! Posters are displayed throughout the conference, but there will be a specific period during which poster presenters will be asked to be present to answer questions on the poster topic.



What is a good demo?

One that shows something that people haven't seen before, or have never seen implemented as well before. Product demos are welcome, as well as demonstrations of research projects. Any technology -- hardware or software -- is fair game that has the potential to enhance the perception and management of interlinked information.

If you expect that your demo may involve special electrical, space, or network resources, please describe these as clearly as possible in your initial submission email to <>. We will be sending additional details, and perhaps asking additional questions, once we have reviewed the submissions.


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