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  • Reduced rates at SIGWEB-affiliated conferences
  • Free access to SIGWEB-related materials in the ACM Digital Library
  • Along with many more Members Benefits.

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  • SIGWEB is a valuable source of information - It provides you with up to date information on what is happening in the hypertext, hypermedia and Web domain.
  • SIGWEB is a forum - Get in touch with researchers, developers, researchers, practitioners, authors, and even the more specialized general public which are concerned with scientific and technical issues about hypermedia. This comprises CD-ROM designers, technical writers, webmasters, content developers, and managers of web projects and groups.
  • SIGWEB offers special rates SIGWEB members have free access online to the proceedings of the Hypertext conferences in the ACM Digital Library from 1991 to the present.
  • SIGWEB members have special rates at Hypertext and Digital Libraries conferences.

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For more reasons to join SIGWEB and be part of the Hypermedia and Web community, check out the additional benefits that SIGWEB members receive.


SIGWEB is one of the Special Interest Groups of the Association for Computing Machinery. SIGWEB was named SIGLINK until November 1998. Its new name welcomes members concerned with the World Wide Web as well as those concerned with other aspects of hypertext and hypermedia.

The 34 ACM Special Interest Groups offer a wealth of publications, conferences and resource archives covering a broad spectrum of technical expertise and providing first-hand knowledge of the latest development trends.

As one of the ACM Special Interest Groups, SIGWEB is bound by the SIGWEB By-laws.

For anybody who wishes to promote SIGWEB, we have a SIGWEB Flyer and Membership form available for printing.


Being a member of SIGWEB provides you with the following benefits and services.


The ACM Special Interest Group on Hypertext and the Web is a community of scholars, researchers, and professionals who study and use the concepts and technologies of linked information that were originally conceived as hypertext and are most famously realized on the Web. The SIGWEB community’s interests range widely and include hypertext in all its forms, social networks, knowledge management, document engineering, digital libraries, and the Web as both an information tool and a social force. SIGWEB encourages innovative research, open discussion of new ideas and the development of methodologies and standards through conferences and a variety of communication resources for its members and the world.

Formerly known as SIGLINK, the Special Interest Group on Hypertext and the Web was created in 1989 to support the community participating in the annual ACM Hypertext Conference. Now in its third decade, SIGWEB has grown considerably and now sponsors six annual conferences of different sizes and covering a wide range of topics.

Activities Statement

SIGWEB promotes and participates in the following activities:

  • Promoting and providing facilities for exchange of information in the field of hypertext and the Web.
  • Sponsoring conferences, symposia, and workshops.
  • Delivering Awards.
  • Organizing sessions at conferences.
  • Fostering cooperation with other ACM SIGs and other organizations concerned with hypermedia.
  • Organizing education, research and development opportunities.
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SIGWEB is one of the Special Interest Groups of the ACM Association for Computing Machinery.